Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year = New Adventures!

Changing it up for 2011

We have a lot of new and exciting things in store for all of our fabulous clients this year!

Our first announcement of 2011 is offering an exciting fun way to FRAME you awesome images.
Check our out previous post about THE ORGANIC BLOOM frames!


Next we are so grateful for how busy all of you have kept us last year that this year we must actually "limit" how many shoots we can do. What a great place to be. :)

Limited Spots Available.....BOOK NOW!!!

We LOVE what we can bring to so many through our photography but we LOVE our children more (of course). We really don't want to miss out on another year of them growing up so fast and our adventures together as a family.

As the word has already spread before our official announcement we are already booking up for Spring Shoots & Newborns. So as much as I hate it myself, plan now!
Don't worry, your not stuck to an actual date if that baby shows up late, or early. ;) Or if that Spring Rain dampens our day....we can still reschedule. We just can't cram 20 shoots in one month AND keep up on the weddings AND our own family. :)

Like I said, This is a GREAT place to be. THANK YOU!!!



The Bond between a Mother and Her Baby is one of Life's most precious gifts!
Pairing the perfect Sessions.

"Belly" Shoot (approx. 1hr)
"Baby" Shoot (anywhere from 2-4hrs)

2 Options...

The disc Option $350

The Print Option $150


One more great introduction to "The Beginnings"

I so wish I had a example to show you....but alas, my idea is still unfolding and waiting for my model babies to finish their first year of life!

Here's the Idea though: 1st year of Babies life is full of "beginnings"....Capture those stages at 3months, 6months, 9 months and turning the big "1".

$50 includes
all 4 mini sessions and a personalized collage board

Something Like This is what I Have in Mind


I'm so excited for all of the New Adventures for 2011, both Business & Personal!