Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce that we will officially be moving our site to a .com!!
We're moving up in the world and LOVE the professionalism and fun that is offered by a full website. We've been spending LOTS and LOTS of time into creating the perfect layout(s) with the perfect music, I can't wait for everyone to see!

So keep watching for our official announcement Coming Soon!!

Along with the big changes in our website we will be making some changes to our pricing as well. For our loyal "stalkers", if you book your session BEFORE we make the big switch we will honor our current pricing!! We don't even care if you book it 6 months down the road. lol We love you and all of your support and yes, even the stalking!!

Some awesome features to look forward to:
Online Proofing
Online Calendar to view our available dates
Seperate portals for {C}lique Photography and {C}lique Weddings
Galleries that are much more user friendly
And killer music!!

Don't forget to lock in the current pricing and book now!!

**To Lock in our current Wedding Pricing the deposit must be paid BEFORE the launch of our new website**


Tai said...

So what if I want every six months for the next twenty years... can I lock all those in at the current prices??? YOu guys do amazing work and we are excited to see your new website!!

{C}lique Photography by William & Sharida Packard said...

I'll be doing pics every six months for the next twenty years just to pay off our trade work. LOL